Allen Brunn is a Spanish tattoo artist with an absolutely stunning portfolio that is impossible to take your eyes off. His work is pure ecstasy for the eyes!

In the works of this Spanish tattoo realism artist, everything looks perfect - composition, color selection, location, scale! Allen Brunn can compete with hundreds of photographers in the transfer of realism and beauty of the image! Bright, detailed and juicy - such tattoos have won the love of almost 95 thousand fans around the world!

Allen Brunn currently works in Madrid, Spain at a studio Loyalty Tattoo Studio. And of course, the talent of the tattoo artist is supported by such well-known sponsors as Fusion ink, Kwadron and Tattooproton.

Realism full back tattoo by Allen Brunn

Realistic shibari girl tattoo by Allen Brunn

Bright realistic tattoo with parrots from Allen Brunn

Rebellion tattoo in realism

Realistic Nature Sleeve Tattoo by Allen Brunn

Colorful space tattoo on arm by Allen Brunn

Color full back tattoo by Allen Brunn

Color Realist Leg Tattoo by Allen Brunn

Allen Brunn tattoo artist from Spain

Hummingbird and nature tattoo

Colorful Space Tattoo by Allen Brunn from Madrid