It is unlikely that your mother or grandmother will appreciate these tattoos, but if you are a real horror fan, then you should definitely get acquainted with the incredibly terrifying (in a good way of the word) tattoos by the Berlin tattooer - Maldenti. The tattoo artist works in his own art studio Das.Kabinett, where many excellent blackwork tattoo artists works too.

Maldenti's work is the epitome of pure evil, darkness and horror. His creepy characters come to life on the human body, take on color and shape, so you can no longer hide from their nightmarish images. The tattoo artist often works on large scale projects, creating tattoos on the backs or torsos of his clients.

Dive into the abyss of horror with more mesmerizing tattoos by tattoo artist Maldenti on his Instagram page.

Horror chest tattoo
Horror in tattoos by Maldenti
Black tattoo on the neck
Horror art
Black tattoo on buttocks
black horror belly tattoo
Blackwork Tattoo by Maldenti