Inksane, a leading franchising network of tattoo studios headquartered in Roeselare, is causing a stir with its expansion plans, opening a new establishment in Ghent in April 2024.

Sandy Verfaille opened her first Inksane studio in Roeselare back in 2010, and leveraging her marketing skills, she was able to grow it into a recognizable brand in the tattoo industry with an annual revenue of over 800,000 euros. Today the Inksane team aims to achieve similar success at each location! With two successful franchise branches already operating in St. Niklaas and Brussels, this new endeavor, Inksane Tattoo Ghent, represents another significant step in Inksane's expansion journey.

The franchiseefor the Ghent location is no stranger to the Inksane family. Cristian Bones, the owner of Inksane Ghent, has been an integral part of the Inksane community since 2018. His journey from joining as an artist to becoming the owner is a testament to his dedication and talent. Specializing in black and grey photorealism, Cristian is renowned for his exceptional skills, honed through years of experience and formal art education at KASK Ghent.

Inksane Ghent openning weekend
"Every day, our passion is stretched to its limits. It comes with a new skill learned, a new goal achieved, and more fuel for our goals. In this race to the top, we can inspire others and lead them on our path. Inksane is not just a tattoo brand; it is a lifestyle, a community where no one is left behind in the pursuit of 'being the best at it'," says Cristian

Joining Cristian at Inksane Ghent is Luigi Gala, an esteemed Italian tattoo artist with a penchant for calligraphy. Luigi's guest appearances at Inksane add a special flair to the studio's offerings. His seven-year tenure at Inksane is a testament to his artistic prowess and dedication to his craft. Beyond his impressive tattoo work, Luigi's versatility shines through in his designs for Inksane T-shirts, as well as his regular participation in the Brussels Tattoo Convention.

Cristian - the owner of Inksane Gent stusio

Cristian Bones - the owner of Inksane Ghent Studio

Tattoo artist Cristian Bones

In addition to tattoo artists, Inksane Ghent boasts a talented piercer, Flavia Crihană, whose artistic flair extends beyond body modification to metamodernist poetry writing. Flavia's unique perspective adds depth to the studio's creative atmosphere, creating an inclusive space where self-expression knows no bounds.

"In the realm of body aesthetics, jewelry is not just an accessory; it's a medium for self-expression, a reflection of our inner selves. With each piece of jewelry, the body becomes a canvas, and every piercing is a stroke of self-expression." - Flavia

The piercer of Inksane Gent - Flavia

The piercer of Inksane Ghent - Flavia Crihană

Rounding out the team is Lara Stapower, a guest artist specializing in fine line tattoos, and Joke Schiettekatte, an apprentice whose journey from client to team member exemplifies the supportive community fostered by Inksane.

"We are more than just a tattoo studio; we are a family united by our passion for art and self-expression," says Sandy. "As we embark on this new chapter in Ghent, we welcome artists and enthusiasts alike to join us in celebrating creativity in all its forms."

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Inksane Ghent Interior

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