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20 year anniversary of the premiere of the movie Fight Club

10 / 08 / 2019 Oleg Zarvsky
Tattoo artist Michael Taguet / Photo: @michaeltaguet

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the premiere of David Fincher’s - Fight Club, based on novel by Chuck Palahniuk.

The movie tells the story of an employee of an insurance company suffering from insomnia, monotony and the meaninglessness of his life. One day, returning from one of the endless business trips, he met on a plane with a charismatic soap dealer - Tyler Durden, who shares with him his very radical outlook on life.

Thus begins the path of transformation of the Narrator and his life.

Due to the demonstration of radical ideas, the movie received conflicting reviews from critics and viewers. However, he became a cult, as did the trio of actors who played the main roles: Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden, Edward Norton as the Narrator, Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer.

Fight Club tattoo Michael Taguet
Tattoo artist Michael Taguet / Фото: @michaeltaguet
Tattoo artist Michael Taguet / Фото: @michaeltaguet

For 20 years, the images of Tyler, the narrator and Marla are adorning millions of bodies of tattoo fans, and the idea of ​​a fighting club has repeatedly been born in various parts of the world.

It's a funny fact that Palahniuk was inspired to write this novel by a fight in which he participated during a camping trip. Turning to neighbors on the campsite with a request to turn down the sound of the radio, Chuck received a blow in the face. After the incident, on Monday, Chuck came to work with a broken face, but no one of his colleagues commented this. They all pretended not to notice the beatings. The reluctance of colleagues to know what happened with him, inspired the writer to write the novel «Fight Club».

Fight Club tattoo Dave Paulo
Tattoo artist Dave Paulo / Фото: @davepaulo_tattooartist
Fight Club tattoo Rich Pineda
Tattoo artist Rich Pineda / Фото: @richiebon
Fight Club tattoo Marek Hali
Tattoo artist Marek Hali / Фото: @marek_hali
Fight Club tattoo El Mori
Tattoo artist El Mori/ Фото: @el_mori_tattooartist
Fight Club tattoo Felipe Kross
Tattoo artist Felipe Kross / Фото: @fetattooer
Fight Club tattoo Jay Joree
Tattoo artist Jay Joree / Фото: @jayjoree
Fight Club tattoo J. Araujoo
Tattoo artist J. Araujoo / Фото: @j.araujoo
Text Oleg Zarvsky