Kraska ArtPlace - marketplace for creative people

05 / 05 / 2020 Alexey Tikhoretsky
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The current global situation due COVID-19 has become a definite catalyst for new ideas among the tattoo community. And today we are not talking about tattooists, but about manufacturers of tattoo equipment who are trying to provide all kinds of support to their clients and friends in this difficult time.

Our friends from КРАСКА Tattoo Ink came up with and decided to implement a very interesting project Kraska ArtPlace.

We became interested in this initiative and decided to ask a couple of questions to its creators.

What prompted the creation of such a project?

- Initially, the project was conceived back in the fall, after communicating with our artists from the Pro Team. We would like to organize some association within the tattoo community, which we could support for our part, for example, arranging exhibitions, selling artworks produced by tattoo artists.

Kraska ArtPlace - marketplace for creative people

What kind of hopes are assigned to the project and is there a commercial idea in it for you, as for its creators?

- This is a volunteer project that aims to bring people together: artists and artisans who don't have enough experience in terms of organizing such art events or in the field of sales. We can and want to help people realize their creative ideas, and in this project, money is not important for us.

We are ready to help from the financial and legal sides, such as, for example, submitting tax reports, official registration as an individual entrepreneur, and so on. We have a lot of experience in this and we are ready to share it for free.

Kraska ArtPlace - marketplace for creative people

Now, in the context of the global pandemic and self-isolation of the population, many tattooists are being in a difficult situation. There is no way to earn money in the usual way for them, people don’t go to sessions, tattoo studios are closed indefinitely, and as you know, no one could canceled life expenses. The same tattooists have a lot of art objects, such as paintings, clothes that they could sell and earn at least some money from, but they don’t know how to do this and where to find interested buyers. So we decided to help people.

Kraska ArtPlace - marketplace for creative people

We are not a resale layer and we directly connect the buyer with the manufacturer.

Perhaps sometime in the distant future we will decide to somehow monetize this project, but so far all this is available to everyone absolutely free. Absolutely everyone can present and sell their work on our site.

Well, the main question: how to participate in it?

We place goods for free on Kraska ArtPlace. To do this, all you need is to send us an email with a description of the product or question and send it to and we will post it and answer all your questions. Above all, do not forget to send your contact details and convenient time for communication.

Kraska ArtPlace - marketplace for creative people
Text Alexey Tikhoretsky