White ink tattoo - fashion trend or fatal mistake?

White ink tattoo - fashion trend or fatal mistake?
White ink tattoo | Tattoo artist @ann_gilberg

Tattooing with white ink is a new fashion trend. White ink tattoos look interesting and attractive specifically for girls who want to get not too catchy and sophisticated decoration of their body, but white tattoos has some flaws.

White ink tattoos visually resemble artistic scarring, however, this procedure is less painful, and the pattern looks more subtle and accurate. Compared to other tattoos made with colored pigments - this type of tattoos is less vivid, the pattern does not catch the eye of others and gives that privacy, which is not enough in the case of a classic tattoo. White ink tattoo is more popular among girls who have restrictions on wearing body art, for example, due to work.

White ink tattoo | Tattoo artist @ann_gilberg

White ink tattoo is partly can be change. This means that if you get tired of the original tattoo, you can cover it with a new image with a minimal increase in the total area of ​​the picture. However, it is important to remember that the white pigment is practically not amenable to laser removal. Therefore, you won't remove it completely.

And of course, do not confuse a white ink tattoo with ultraviolet tattoo (the one that glows in the ultraviolet light). These are different types of tattoos and their purpose is different.

White ink tattoo | Tattoo artist @seol_tattooer

What is white tattoo ink?

White tattoo ink was originally used as a tint, to dilute color inks, contrast highlighting and transmitting light glare in image. The composition of white ink, depending on the manufacturer, may include titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, barium sulfate, lead carbonate, and it is also possible to use minerals such as anatase and rutile.

Most often it is titanium dioxide. It is safe for the human body and is used in all areas of life of a modern person, including the food industry, whether it is the color of your refrigerator or the whiteness of your favorite sweet marshmallow.

White ink tattoo | Tattoo artist @mini_happiness_tattoo

How to choose a sketch for a white ink tattoo?

First you need to decide why you chose a white tattoo for yourself. If you want to capture something personal on your body that should not be striking to every passerby, then you can turn your eyes to small inscriptions and patterns. Even in a prominent place, a white tattoo can remain invisible.

If you want to make yourself something, on the contrary, very noticeable, then an ornamental tattoo, with its endless geometric patterns, lace and monograms, is perfect for you.

White ink tattoo | Tattoo artist @posichiara

Choosing a sketch, it is important to remember the following points:

  1. The tone of your skin. The lighter the skin, the less noticeable will be a white tattoo, and vice versa, the darker the skin - the more noticeable the tattoo.
  2. White tattoo should be carefully protected from the sun, frost, as well as household chemicals and cosmetics. White tattoo is more fragile in comparison with colored ones, therefore, choosing a sketch, you need to make right choice of a place of application. Usually, for a white tattoo, people choose a place that is easily hidden by clothing. Therefore, the open parts of the arm, face, neck - not the best choice for a white tattoo. Do not forget, before visiting a tanning salon, you should carefully lubricate the white tattoo with a sunscreen with a high level of SPF, for example, 50+.
  3. The size of a tattoo. Too small white tattoo will more likely resemble a skin defect than a work of art. It is important that the picture has clear lines and does not merge with your skin tone. Pay attention to various patterns, lace, ornaments and inscriptions.
White ink tattoo | Tattoo artist @ann_gilberg

How to choose a tattoo artist for a white tattoo?

Many professional tattooists refuse to work exclusively with white ink, in view of the impossibility of predicting the final result. The tattoo may darken, turn yellow, partially or completely fall out. Here a lot depends on your personal skin features.

Also, working with white ink requires certain skills of a tattoo artist. Unlike color pigments, white is applied denser and deeper. This is usually accompanied by more severe pain during the session.

White ink tattoo | Tattoo artist @honma_tat

Get ready for numerous corrections. Immune system of many people rejects the white ink and tries to remove it from the body. In this case, the initial drawing will very quickly lose its former splendor. The frequency of updating a white tattoo entirely depends on two factors: your individual characteristics of the body and the skill of a tattoo artist.

Cheapness is the main opponent of a white ink tattoo. It is important to contact a tattoo artist who has dozens of white ink tattoo jobs in his portfolio and knows the specifics of applying white pigment.

The risks of choosing a white ink tattoo

To all of the above, I want to add that a white tattoo often costs a little more than a color tattoo. This is due to the same complexity of working with white pigment, the professionalism of a tattoo artist and a small number of specialists in this area.

White ink tattoo | Tattoo artist @defne_ink

During applying, it is important to ensure that other colors are not mixed with the white pigment, for example, the blue color of the transfer for a tattoo.

During white ink tattoo healing, it is also necessary to protect the tattoo from contact with colored clothing and ultraviolet radiation.

Another risk factor is a frequent allergic reaction to white pigment, which is enhanced by exposure to ultraviolet radiation. To reduce the risk, before the main session, ask the artist to make a test on some hidden area of ​​the skin. So you can understand how sensitive your body is to white pigment.

White ink tattoo | Tattoo artist @erik_huebner