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Tattoo artists of Realism tattoo style

We present to you the masters of color and black&grey Realistic tattoo, the best of the best, most famous artists from around the world.

Realism is considered to be one of the most difficult styles of tattoo, because it requires outstanding artistic abilities and often specialized education from a tattoo master. It is this cocktail that allows to create these amazingly accurate images.

The creation of such a tattoo is much more complicated than the execution of a similar picture on the canvas, because on the body there is almost no even flat area of skin. That's why the masters paint every detail for hours, taking into account all the features of a particular application area of tattooing.

The value of such works is confirmed by the highest awards at thematic events, universal love and reverence for the masters of this trend in tattoo culture.

Find them all and choose the best special for you!

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