38th National Tattoo Association Convention

26 - 30 April 2017
United States | Orlando
38th National Tattoo Association Convention

The 2017 NTA convention will be held April 26th – 30th at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at SeaWorld in Orlando, FL.

A few people told me they do not come to the NTA Family Reunions/Conventions because they are not part of the NTA Family since they are not NTA members. So… as an NTA Member please be sure to let others know that:

Our answer to that is: Not holding an NTA membership does not prohibit you from attending, nor does it make you unwelcome! Many who attend the conventions are not official NTA members. With that being said, membership is not a requirement. If you are involved with tattooing or have a love for the art, you are invited to share memories with the rest of the NTA Tattoo family, as you share the same common interest with the rest of us: TATTOOING. Please do not let your membership status discourage you from joining in on the fun of our family reunions. If you like tattoos YOU ARE FAMILY – period – end of story.

We’d love to
“Welcome You” to the
NTA Family Reunion/Convention!

Although we will not pressure you to become a member, we’d love to have you attend our events and consider joining in the future!
As that saying goes:
The More the Merrier!
Hope to meet you there!

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well, and having a great year. Summer will be over soon, and before you know it we will be in Orlando. Looking forward to all of our events and activities. Speaking of which, the Jam Session on Saturday night was a huge success, and everyone had a great time. Really was one of the many highlights of the weekend, with at least eight guitars, a hand drum, and other instruments getting involved. As well as multiple people singing along. I’m tellin ya, we have a lot of hidden talent  among our people! We were getting a lot of requests thrown at us. Some we knew how to play, others we unfortunatly did not, but we really would have liked to be able to play them.

So…if you plan on attending  the jam session this coming year, and have a song or songs that you would like to hear, or play, or just sing while we play for you, start sending them to me.

Then I can print out multiple copies of these songs, and pass them around to the musicians and singers. It was good last year, and with this tweak, it’ll be even better next year. The hotel has also installed fire pits in the area we use. A very nice added attraction. So start sending me requests please, and remember, requests written on the back of twenty dollar bills get top priority.

Send your requests to: rob@tidewatertattoo.com

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