50 Shades of Ink

14 - 16 April 2017
Sweden | Helsingborg
50 Shades of Ink

The tattoo convention in Helsingborg heading now for the 4th edition.

The people and team behind these convention has a huge experience doing these events, it´s actually number 10 since 2011. So all the mistakes from earlier will be fixed and we expect to deliver the very best event so far in our history and use a lot of money on marketing.

This year will be bigger, better and simply amazing.

Extended numbers of artists doing live tattooing, more performers on 2 stages. Main stage and Dark Room Stage. Tripled the numbers of traders and one big concert.

This year we have lowered the entrance price and processes. Early bird tickets sale starts medio November and run to 20th of December. Hereafter the prices will rise.

We bring in amazing star quality tattooers, performers from around the world and one top band.

We are looking forward to welcome you for this year at the 50 Shades Of Ink 2017!

Dimitris Steiger – Golden Eye Tattoo – Finland
Fredrik – Monsters Inkhouse – Sweden
Michael Lomholt – Bloody Image Tattoo – Denmark
Anya Palmkvist – Divart – Denmark
Jimi – Luckyland tattoo – Sweden
Jens Waldmann – Body-parts Tattoo – Sweden
Swamon – Tattoo Inkarnation – Sweden
Gabriele Palumbo – Tattoo Inkarnation – Sweden
Lotta – Drop Dead Tattoo – Sweden
kristian Sidblom – Drop Dead Tattoo – Sweden
Massimiliano Negus Carli – Wisdomless Tattoo Club Cph – DK / Italy
Andrea Fiorenza – Wisdomless Tattoo Club Cph – DK / Italy
Fabio Fantozzi – Wisdomless Tattoo Club Cph – DK / Italy

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