Aarhus Art Convention

11 - 15 April 2017
Denmark | Aarhus
Aarhus Art Convention

Welcome to Aarhus Art Convention!

Aarhus Art Convention bids you welcome to a creative universe where, among other things, can experience the world’s leading graffiti artists first hand, get tattooed by more than 150 professional tattooists, find inspiration at exclusive exhibitions and rare seminars and let your creative mind bloom at different workshops.

Have you yet to feel the tattoo needle in your skin? Have you still not explored the mysterious and intriguing universe of graffiti? Are you also fascinated and inspired by contemporary art? Then here is an amazing opportunity to sample the environment and consult real experts.

Aarhus Art Convention consists of 5 parts:

1. A tattoo seminar, where attendees have the option to be taught in the art of tattooing through seminars by several of the world’s leading artists. We have both domestic and international speakers on the program. The seminars have previously been held by such artists as Matt Jordan, Qtattoo, Josh Payne, Evan Olin, Oscar Åkermo and Robert Borbas.
This year, attendees can be inspired by Benjamin Laukis (AUS), Tofi (PL), Steve Butcher (NZ), Dave Tevenal (USA), Kurt ”SixOneThree” Staudinger (AUS), Frank Lanatra (USA) and Mark Wosgerau (DK), who will be our speakers in 2016.

2. A tattoo convention spanning three days in Den Rå Hal at Godsbanen, where as many as 250 working artists from all over the world and every genre of tattooing will meet up and showcase their skills to, on, and with, our audience.

3. A five day graffiti festival (Tue-Sat) in the area surrounding Godsbanen, where we present the absolute elite of the graffiti and street art world. Beyond decorating Godsbanen, we are also sending out a team of our best painters into the city, where they will spread life and joy through their art. Previously, we have presented stars like Sofles, Sobeckis, Velvet, Zoer and Wes21 on our graffiti stage, to name a few.

4. A brand new concept we call ‘Food vs. Art’, where we fuse together cooking and contemporary art. Among other things, we will host workshops allowing the audience to play and experiment with the expression ‘eat with your eyes’, as well as hosting lectures looking into the collaboration between cooking and music. All activities are hosted by some of the top chefs of the country, who will help guarantee peak quality from start to finish.

5. An arts and culture convention, in which the audience can experience different seminars, creative workshops, international art exhibitions and local galleries. The tattoo convention will take place in Den Rå Hal and the graffiti festival in the courtyard outside. The lobby, the surrounding rooms and areas, as well as the restaurant are all being used to create the creative universe that makes Aarhus Art Convention such a unique experience – to the audience and our artists both.

Aarhus Art Convention is an annual hub for creativity, inspiration and world class art, and YOU have the chance to be a part of it!

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