Paradise Tattoo Convention

05 - 07 May 2017
Costa Rica | Belén
Paradise Tattoo Convention

Paradise Tattoo Convention Costa Rica 2017 is a cultural event based around tattoo culture and body modification brought to you by Nueva Calavera JLO S.A., New Skull y La Barbería Adv.This event is held annually with the best of local and international artists.

The convention will be taking place in the heart of the city where we have a thriving tattoo scene and should be no problem for you to work throughout the convention. We are about 1.30 hours from the beach as well, so if you’re looking to venture in our amazing tropical country this could be a good opportunity to do so!

This is the 6th installment of this annual event and as we continue improving and growing we would like for you to be part of it as well. As in previous years we will be having different performances, live bands and contests going on throughout the show, including awards for best of the day, best color tattoo, best of the show, etc.

Welcome to Paradise Tattoo Convention 2017

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