Wrexham Tattoo Show

18 - 19 November 2017
United Kingdom | Wrexham
Wrexham Tattoo Show

We’re proud to announce that a long awaited Tattoo Convention is coming to Wrexham! With top artists from around the UK and beyond this is sure to be a fantastic weekend. Come along and soak up the atmosphere, get inked up with one of the amazing artists in attendance or browse the unique and quirky stalls that’ll have an array of items for you to explore, purchase and treasure.

If a skin mod on the day might not be for you, then sink your teeth (preferably beard!) into an old fashioned cut throat razor shave or treat yourself to a 50s pinup makeover whilst enjoying a full day of entertainment from live music to film presentations which’ll give you a fun an interesting insight into British tattooing. This two day tattoo show is sure to fascinate and intrigue the whole family so come along at take a look around and be part of the tattooed tribe, there’s plenty to discover!

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