12 Genova Tattoo Convention

06 - 08 October 2017
Italy | Genova
12 Genova Tattoo Convention

We’re back among you! The twelfth edition of the International Tattoo Convention Genoa back next October to repeat the success of last year! It will always be monitored and coordinated by our staff. It will again be held at 105 Stadium Genoa, the beautiful facility that hosted the edition of last October.

Like last year, will be attended by world-renowned artists, but also many shows and competitions: a journey through tattoos, burlesque, buskers and belly dancing.

The Tattoo Convention Genoa will host fans and industry experts. During the three days it will be able to experiment with tattoos, become aware of new techniques, get in touch with that revolves around the art of engraving. Will be around 150 tattoo artists involved, part of which came from abroad.

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