8th lnternational Nepal Tattoo Convention

06 - 08 April 2018
8th lnternational Nepal Tattoo Convention


We would like to welcome you to the 8th International Nepal Tattoo Convention 6-8 April, 2018 in Kathmandu Nepal.

The convention is one spot where artists and art lovers from all around the world would gather and share and exchange the knowledge of the rich art of each others country. A true artist never stops learning and your presence at our convention will facilitate the learning process of all.

We work hard every year, year around with one and only purpose-to promote art, artists and create a harmony among artists, collectors, enthusiasts and also with the critics! We are the first to organize a gathering of tattoo artists in the sub continent and now we proud to invite, host and to showcase the ocean of tattoo artists, piercing and body mod artists and enthusiast from all over the globe!

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