Samui Tattoo Convention 2019

28 - 30 APRIL 2019
Thailand | Koh Samui, Surat Thani
Samui Tattoo Convention 2019

History Tattoo business in Thailand today Tattoo business in Thailand is the reliance and popular business over 30 years. Nowadays tattoo business becomes very famous in the most of tourist attraction. Especially Asia has highly competition in tattoo business such as Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine etc. These countries have organized the tattoo convention yearly for promoting their tourism business. Therefore Samui Tattoo Group believes in the potential of Thai tattoo artists in Koh Samui, included the tattoo artist all over Thailand, Pattaya, Hau Hin, Phuket and Bangkok. Hopefully this activity will bring the tourist all over the world and make Koh Samui as the most famous tourist attraction and Samui tattoo business will be improved to the international standard.

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