InkHuskvarna Tattoo Convention

16 - 17 MARCH 2019
Sweden | Huskvarna
InkHuskvarna Tattoo Convention

InkHuskvarna International Tattoo Convention in Sweden 16-17 March 2019. The Tattoo Expo features live entertainment, live music, live tattooing and much more. We try to make our city a destination for tattoo artists and enthusiasts from all over the globe, we bringing creative minds with different styles to the area. With over 2000 visitors this celebration of creativity and art promotes the skills of world-renowned artists in Sweden and around the world.

Will be conveniently located at Jönköping, in southern Sweden at Vätterns beach. Jönköping offers a vibrant city pulse, beach life and nature on the doorstep. Jönköping’s center consists of picturesque alleys and canals that open the city up to the three lakes. East of Jönköping lies the old mill of Huskvarna where weapons, appliances and vehicles have been manufactured and sold under the world-famous Husqvarna brand since the 1700s.

Come and join the experience!

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