Online Tattoo Fest 2020

10 - 30 November 2019

Why is Online Tattoo Fest created? To popularize tattoo events.

Many masters were disappointed with past festivals, and some believe that it is too early for them to participate in large-scale events. So that the craftsmen could participate from anywhere in the country and the world, at the same time without the cost of travel and equipment rental.

This is an opportunity to participate without deviating from the schedule: by signing up a regular client for a session as a model, you do not lose any time or money.

For those who are afraid, or believe that they are not worthy of participation in standard tattoo festivals. An online festival is a chance to get the jury and audience to look at their work, as well as to hear constructive criticism about the flaws and advantages. Also, participants in the online festival can win a place at the next festival, which will be held by the Association of Tattoo Artists.

Participants will be evaluated online. It may seem that this is a very complex and doubtfully fair process, but the festival team will do everything as fairly and objectively as possible.

What will judges judge by photo and video?

Sketch Layout:
– Composition
– Idea
– Uniqueness

Work quality: ⠀
– Lines
– Zakras
– Shades and transitions
– The speed of the wizard
– Place of application and size of tattoo work

We hope for the maximum honesty of the participants for Online Tattoo Fest.

The use of software and mechanical filters is prohibited. Video processing is prohibited. If the quality of the participant’s work will be in doubt and all the work will reach the final, the models will need to show the tattoo work by video link with the judges.