13 - 14 september 2019
Russia | Moscow

TATTOO UNITED 5 is the annual international tattoo convention, hosted by the companies Tattoo Market, Tattoo Revive and Syndicate Tattoo Studio for all those who are involved in the industry and just tattoo lovers!

For the fifth time, we are gathering world-class tattoo artists under one roof!

Tattoo United 5 is 2 unforgettable days of beauty, fun and love for the tattoos at one of the best, newest, stylish and large event spaces in Moscow.

A little about what awaits visitors:

- Free tattoo certificates!
- 7000 m2, dedicated to tattoo art!
- Master Class and lecture zones for up to 300 (!) People!
- A huge amount of entertainment with valuable and even cash prizes.
- Live auction of paintings by famous tattoo and underground artists!
- You will support the attempt to set a record for the Guinness Book of Records in the duration of a tattoo session by your visit! Commemorative bracelets are guaranteed!
- The best artists from Russia and around the world, ready to show their talents.

What awaits the masters:

- Revised (and even new) nominations.
- New winners selection system.
- Cash prizes (the trophies will also be present, do not worry)
- Slight back pain after a hard day of work on the Model
- The joy of winning the nomination!
- Our famous Pre - and Afterpatry for intimate communication in a relaxed atmosphere!

Sign up, participate, come and share your talent (or just come see what others can do)

We invite you and welcome to TATTOO UNITED 5!

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