Columbus Tattoo Expo 2020

Columbus Georgia Convention & Trade Center
801 Front Ave, Columbus, Georgia 31901
United States

Columbus Tattoo Expo

On January 10-12, 2020 the Historic Iron Works of Columbus, GA opens up to the first tattoo expo to land in the region. Gear up for this one, it will be awesome. Brought to you by Chattahoochee Harley-Davidson. This tattoo convention with feature tattoos and piercings and so much more. 

Featuring top artists such as Chico’s Marked 4 Life,  Chris Hosmer, Josh McMillan, Tatu Richie and Amber Kirby plus many, many more. Whether you call it a tattoo convention or a tattoo expo, tattoos and piercings and fun is where you want to be. 

Primarily a tattoo expo, but it looks like an entertainment event for the whole family. With tattoos and piercings and all of the fun, this tattoo convention is one you don’t want to miss.

The process to attending the Columbus Tattoo Expo is super simple; buy your early access tickets at 50% off. Then, find the artist you want to do your work!


  • Chris Hosmer
  • Amber Kirby
  • Joshua Brailey
  • Josh Mcmillan
  • Josh StGermain
  • Todd Glidewell
  • Tatu Richie
  • Hakim Tariq Alston
  • Julian Gladness
  • Thomas Randall
  • John Riendeau
  • Tony Johnson
  • Errick W Long
  • Jordan Nalls
  • Noah Hollis
  • Donie Schrecengost
  • James Gannon
  • Chico Cortez
  • Daniel Japaniel
  • Matthew Maxx Dame
  • Scout Holstead
  • Don Childree
  • Corey Woods
  • Stephen Structure Dunn
  • Jake Richman
  • James Armstrong
  • Amber Barrett
  • Ryan Gage Gonzalez
  • Mark Rice
  • Chevy TheArtist,
  • Joey Henson
  • Antonio Hooks
  • Sara Marshall
  • Paul Thomas
  • Justin Polito
  • Melanie Pants
  • Cody Lambert
  • Josh Presley
  • Matt Hattaway
  • Joel McCourt
  • Kevin Michael Dixon
  • Moe Moreau Rau
  • Melissa Posey
  • Jarvis Wims
  • Quincey Locklear
  • Eric Newby
  • Kyle Ake

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