Tirana Tattoo Expo

07 - 09 April 2022
Albania | Tiranë
Tirana Tattoo Expo

Hyatt Regency (Ex MAK Albania Hotel)
Sheshi Italia, Tiranë,

Tirana Tattoo Expo 2022

Ex Balkan International Tattoo Show will be held at Hyatt Regency (Ex MAK Albania Hotel), Tirana, Albania

The event is attended and organized by the Albanian Tattooist Association in accordance with the Albanian legislation and every European standard.
It will also be supported by the International Tattooist Association.
Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture,
Municipality of Tirana,
as well as local and foreign media.

This convention will be attended by over 70 international artists from all over the world, who will reveal their talent in the world of tattooing.Other than tattoos, this event will not be lacking local and international artists from the world of music, good food, good beer, drinks, extreme sports, show etc,etc.

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