Gibi Girls Tattoo Awards (Online)

15 - 17 July 2022
Gibi Girls Tattoo Awards (Online)

Brazil (Online)

Gibi Girls Tattoo Awards

This is on a mission to become the Largest Online Festival for Women
Tattoo Artists and Body Piercers! There will be more than 20 categories, from the most traditional to the most unusual. And of course, the Miss Gibi Girls cannot be missed on the Web Stage, where the top 3 places will have as one of the awards,
the entry into the casting of the most beloved Alternative Models in Brazil.
Only for Women! Let’s get to know the talent of the top female tattoo artist in Brazil! Be welcome! Tattoo Contest with 20+ categories Body Piercers Contest with 3 categories Miss Gibi Girls Contest A super event you can’t miss! Come with the Gibi Girls!

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