Tattoo Ark Expo Taiwan 2022

International Convention Center Kaohsiung
No. 274, Zhongzheng 4th Rd,
Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City,

Tattoo Ark Expo Taiwan 2022

2022刺客方舟 Tattoo Ark Expo
台灣紋身藝術博覽會 正式開放報名
日期:2022/ 3月18~3月20
地點:ICCK 高雄國際會議中心
報名窗口:Line ID : Kenny16863(Kenny)
Fb : Tattoo Ark Expo 刺青方舟紋身博覽會
IG : @tattoo_ark_expo_taiwan




策展人: 陳運泰


2022 Tattoo Ark Expo Open registered
Date: 2022/3.18-3.20
Location:International Convention Center Kaohsiung
Time for enrollment: Open for registration now
Contact person:Kenny (+886983585535)

Because COVID-19 not yet clear, In order to protect the health and safety of all Taiwanese and all participants, the Tattoo Ark Expo is limited to Taiwanese island (including new residents) tattoo artists!

The rights and interests of overseas replacement units that have registered for the original 2020Taiwan Tattoo Convention are due to consideration of the island’s epidemic prevention and isolation for up to 14 days to enter Taiwan from overseas!

Therefore, the convention will keep your relevant rights and interests until the 2022 Taiwan Tattoo Convention.Sorry for all Inconvenience.
(It is expected to be held in the fourth quarter of 2022, all in accordance with relevant government laws and regulations)

See you all next year in Kaohsiung and hope you all the best.

Organizer Tai

(This association does not interfere with any trading behaviors and retains the final decision and choice of activities)

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