Palermo Tattoo Expo 2023

Stazione Marittima,
Molo Vittorio Veneto al Porto, 90133 Palermo,

Palermo Tattoo Expo 2023

Palermo Tattoo Expo is an event that promotes the meeting between the best artists from Italy and from all over the world. The philosophy of the event is the comparison between very ancient cultures, which today find maximum expression in the tattoo artists who have managed over time to raise to art what man has used for thousands of years as a form of direct and indelible communication. It is therefore a question of cultural exchange, of handing down and keeping alive an ancestral cultural tradition, of experimenting with innovative and increasingly optimizing techniques in the field of tattooing, of divulging this noble Art in the highest sense of the term, bringing to the attention of society the research and the harmony with which the artist manages to impress on the skin what a person wants to communicate.

Therefore, the focus of the Event is the Artist, his Art, and the symbiosis between him and the person who wishes to have a unique and unrepeatable Work on the skin.
The event also has the aim of spreading the great quality of the artists’ work by rewarding, through contests, the most particular, important, and innovative works, also created during the three opening days of the Kermesse. The artist and the tattooed subject will be awarded. In addition, the event has among its objectives the information, bringing to the attention of the public the criteria and parameters, inherent in the scrupulous observance of the precautions of a health and hygiene nature, which are applied by the Artists in the execution of their works. A philosophy that combines the artistic contents with the great attention of the sector for the prevention of public health.

Palermo Tattoo Expo is still an art festival, where even the visitor who does not get tattooed will be able to observe the great artists at work, will be able to spend the whole day in the name of art, performances, tattoo contests, drinks, good music, and new friends! In fact, admission is absolutely open to everyone. Palermo Tattoo Expo is a unique and extraordinary opportunity to desire and see a new tattoo created by the hands of one of the best artists in the world in the splendid and unforgettable setting of the city of Palermo.

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