15th Ottawa Gatineau Tattoo Expo

03 - 05 November 2023
Canada | Gatineau-Ottawa
15th Ottawa Gatineau Tattoo Expo

Ottawa Gatineau Tattoo Expo 2023

Greetings to all Tattoo artists and vendors, we at the Ottawa-Gatineau Tattoo Expo, would like to thank everyone who was at the Expo this year for a very successful weekend, we really appreciate everything you do for the tattoo world and the family, with this we wish you all a great life and hopefully, we get to see you all again next year in 2023 ? !!! Again thank you.

A tournament between top Tattoo artists with:
Live Tattooing
Burlesque dancer
Live music
Tattoo Contests
Sideshow, and more…

See you at the Ottawa Gatineau Tattoo Expo!

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