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San Leandro
Rose Noir tattoo & BEauty Studio
I founded Rose Noir Tattoo & Beauty Studio in 2018 in San Leandro, California in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area.  I am so grateful to be able to combine my passion for art and creativity within my career. I can honestly say I truly enjoy going to work each day. Even as a youngster, art has always been a hobby and deep interest of mine. It transformed into a true passion as I've grown older. I decided to go to art school and fell even more in love with creative arts. As a young tattooed woman, I always had an interest and appreciation for the art of tattooing. I saw it as an opportunity to learn a new medium and embark on another career journey. It's an absolute blessing and pleasure to have the opportunity to tattoo people from all walks of life and from all different areas. Each tattoo I do is a different experience and a chance to advance my expertise. In my free time I participate in art shows around the Bay Area to showcase my work and connect with other artists. I love to hike and enjoy gaining creative energy from nature of the beautiful Earth we live on. I am a trained, licensed, and certified tattoo artist of 8 years, and enjoy all different styles of tattooing and specialize in bold color. I love tattooing in watercolor, realistic color, and black and gray styles. Rose Noir is a state of the art tattoo facility using all of the best, top of the line equipment from design to implementation. From the start you will preview your tattoo design/ mock-up on a 28" touch screen computer allowing quick and easy edits to assure your tattoo design is perfect for you.  Stencils are printed directly from the drawing to provide total accuracy. During the tattoo you will experience the highest quality and most versatile tattoo machines that are powered a rotary motor which means a less painful and quicker healing tattoo for you! And if that's not enough, numbing gel is available to help take the edge off and to allow you to sit for a longer session.  Upon completion you will not be sent home with saran wrap, that's for leftovers. You will be provided with the best in aftercare products and instructions.

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