Andrea (Antikorpo) Lanzi

Andrea Lanzi was born in Cremona, Italy, on 04/04/1974. After studying different technical art styles, he chose to focus on bodyart. He attended the University of Fine Arts in Brescia which taught him many in depth art skills both technical and cultural. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions, which have allowed him to explore different aspects of art that reflect the current design trend. Andrea is the owner of the Tattoo and Art Studio "ANTIKORPO". The tattoo artists that work here are very talented craftsmen and artists, not only with tattoos but with other art forms as well. Andrea Lanzi, aka ANTIKORPO, is known for his bright color and "realitional" tattoos. His tattoos have such a vibrance that truly set his work apart from others. Andrea also works with many other mediums, from oil and acrylic painting, colored pencils, to using resin to make sculptures, hyper realism silicone rubber designs, to making art with his famous fluid filled bottles. He is also known for creating the prizes for the best tattoo conventions, all around the world. Andrea "Antikorpo" Lanzi is an artist that continues to push himself and bring all of his artwork to new levels. His sculptures, drawings, paintings, and tattoos are all so unique and always inspirational.

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