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Dot Tatts
4 года
Hello! I won't tell you about the basic things that should be in every tattoo artist's arsenal by default. I'll tell you what makes me who I am and why we might have a great time together with a tattoo machine 🙃 Let's start with the fact that I find you interesting. I've always been curious about how people are wired, how everyone lives their life, faces difficulties, solves problems, makes discoveries, builds a career, finds love, and ultimately why you get tattoos. Many of my sessions are often compared to psychotherapy, and many of my clients are like family. A match often happens from the first time, and my sessions are often incredibly rich in terms of useful and interesting discussions. I'm completely okay with those who don't want to talk during the session. It allows me to focus on the work while giving you a break from the routine. Our tattoo session, in general, can be called art therapy. I often create bold and large tattoos that can transform your appearance. We can cover scars that bring back unpleasant memories or come up with ways to enhance your appearance to make you more comfortable in your own skin. I understand that a tattoo session can be quite stressful, especially if it's your first time. That's why I always provide support before and during the session. I'll remind you to have breakfast before the session, offer you some chocolate, pour you some tea, and give you a chance to relax and have a smoke. I always have some jokes up my sleeve to ease the tension and stress. I come to every session in a good mood because meeting you is a big celebration. Today, we can change your life a little, and perhaps mine too. We'll work together in a super comfortable place where I've invested the best I could. It's my cozy studio @dot.tatts. There will be a caring admin, my wonderful fellow master colleagues, blankets, air conditioning, and pleasant music nearby. Of course, there are important aspects to consider about tattoos, such as the sensation of pain during the process, healing time, the importance of using vegan ink for some, and concerns about living with a permanent image on your body. I try to provide information about these in my profile, and don't hesitate to ask any questions. It's perfectly normal 🤍🌿
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    Vika is a very neat, pleasant professional, and I left the studio extremely happy with my tattoo and the service. Everything was done in a timely manner, with high professionalism. A very trust-worthy artist to whom I will be happy to come back!

    Amazing artist! I had an idea for H.R.Giger inspired head tattoo, Viky did an exceptional job preparing vision and art for the project, I had trouble choosing the best option out of few exceptional ones she always provide. She was absolutely outstanding from inception to execution, can't be more happier with the results!

    Awesome! I Has a weird tattoo from other artist and thought about remake it.Vika draw a couple different options how we can fix my bad tattoo, We made a decision together and made a great tattoo remaking, the vibe in studio was cool and friendly! I recommend Vika for everyone who want to do tattoo in Tbilisi! And thanks again!

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