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If you want to get tattooed by me, please send me a short and significant email. I only need your really rough idea, bodypart and a rough size, no long stories about meanings, your life and stuff. most of my stuff i do free hand and im not using anything like books or computer. the fist time you will see the sketch is at the day you are at my stuio for your appointment… Maybe it could be not so nice to do the same stuff over and over again. Please think about it. Open your mind! Be a unique person with something special on your skin! If you don’t think your idea is that good,you could choose from one of the sketches that i would love to do! I won’t answer any mails without these clear information, stupid questions or strange offers. No guestspotting no convention anymore! You need to travel to berlin, nobody has to wait longer than three months. If you’ll have an appointment, we’ll have enough time, cause i always welcome only one person a day. If you wont get an answer after one week, please dont be angry at me, but i need to choose anyhow and i prefer to do it the most fair way; so if i will enjoy the work, you will get the best result! I’m working in a private atelier, to give me and you all the concentration and attention we need. im always open for other projects, like illustrations book or paintings. just let me know! and…im german….so you can write in german or english!


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