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Kristian Vendler

Sofia V 18 января 2023, 22:56

Vendler’s talent and work ethic is unlike any I’ve seen. He truly delivers on every session, goes above and beyond, and cares about his clients. His work speaks for itself and he deserves much credit. 💯

Smilez 19 января 2023, 00:00

By far best tattoo artist in Toronto. Not even a debate. Got a leg tat from him and it legit turns heads and has everyone asking who did my tattoo. Wouldn’t get inked up by anyone else

FruitopiaAndSprite 19 января 2023, 00:06

Best tattoo artist in Toronto 🔥

K 19 января 2023, 01:16

If you're looking for a high-quality tattoo in Toronto, look no further than Kristian. He is one of the best tattoo artists in the city. He has exceeded my expectations with his work. His attention to detail and skill is truly impressive and I couldn't be happier with my tat. I highly recommend Kristian for anyone in need of a tattoo artist.

Ivan 19 января 2023, 01:44

I’ve been collecting tattoos all over the world for the past 10 years and Kristian gave me one of my best pieces. Not only is he an amazing artist but he’s super personable, welcoming and an overall great guy. He could be charging more than double for the quality of his work. Traveling ti Toronto from the US to have him tattoo my head which says a lot about how much I trust him and his work.