September 14 - 16 - International Moscow Tattoo Week 2018

September 14 - 16 - International Moscow Tattoo Week 2018
International Moscow Tattoo Week 2018

Last weekend, September 14-16, was held one of the long-awaited Moscow tattoo events - International Moscow Tattoo Week 2018, which united professionals of modern tattoo art, leading manufacturers of tattoo equipment and models from around the world.

For these days, the capital loft "Nadezhda" has turned into a sanctuary of pure art, combined with the grim circus art of the past.

The violent spirit of surrealism, the mysterious of the street theater, the spectacular circus show and, of course, the best traditions of the Tattoo Week festival are intertwined into a single multifaceted space.

More than 200 tattoo artists, within three days of the convention, presented their works to the public, participated in contests and fought for the main prizes of the event..

Among them, traditionally, were the representatives of professional international teams, such as World Famous Tattoo Ink, Lithuanian Irons, Kwadron, Equalizer by Kwadron, Radiant Colors, Excalibur, Tattoo Pharma and others.

As guests, with lectures and master classes were several stars of modern tattoo: Zhang Po - world famous master of tattoo realism, a member of the World Famous Pro team, Ilya Fominykh - one of the leading tattoo realists of Russia, Oleg Turyansky - a freehand master with a huge experience, a participant of one of our past interviews. Dmitry Naboka and Konstantin Tile, in their lectures shared with the audience the nuances of organizing a tattoo studio, promoting masters and working abroad.

Throughout the days of the convention, iNKPPL Tattoo Magazine team worked on this event, preparing photo and video reports, which you can see below:
14 сентября - Day 1 of International Moscow Tattoo Week 2018
15 сентября - Day 2 of International Moscow Tattoo Week 2018
16 сентября - Day 3 of International Moscow Tattoo Week 2018

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