Brice Gelot is a street photographer who is known to explore the tattoo culture as his everyday life, documenting some of the most incredible and expressive portraits.

Working with tattoo artists around the world or just tattoos collector to gang members, Brice witnessed the incredible community that exists within this culture, all unique and tells a different story. 
This allowed him to create photographs that captured the soul of their personality and personal history.

Brice drawn to the diverse and dynamic culture of the streets. For him this culture offers a rich tapestry of unique expressions and styles that are constantly evolving.
Through his lease he capture the unfiltered essence of this vibrant world. Like he said “I like to show the world as it is, for me nothing’s more interesting than reality.”

Carlos Macias - Los Angeles, USA | Ph: Brice Gelot

Carlos Macias - Los Angeles, USA | Ph: Brice Gelot
“I seek to portray the energy and creativity that can be found in the streets, and the people who bring it to life. I am constantly exploring new areas and subcultures to document, seeking out the unique stories and personalities that make the streets come alive.”

In essence, his photography aims to celebrate the richness and beauty of this culture, and to give voice to the creative and often overlooked individuals who contribute to this dynamic world.

It's important to note that not all tattoos are associated with gang culture, and many people choose to get tattoos for personal expression and artistic reasons.
Tattoos play a significant role in gang culture, serving as a form of identification, allegiance, and intimidation. In gang culture, tattoos can indicate membership in a specific gang, as well as the individual's rank and criminal history. Gang tattoos often feature symbols, slogans, and numbers that hold specific meanings within the gang.

Ph: Brice Gelot | Volkov - Rotterdam, Holland

Volkov - Rotterdam, Holland | Ph: Brice Gelot
Corey Divine - Los Angeles, USA | Ph: Brice Gelot

Corey Divine - Los Angeles, USA | Ph: Brice Gelot