Today we are publishing an interview with a talented tattoo artist from South Korea, a person who has his own fresh look on a Fine Line tattoo - Pauline. His sensual single line tattoos have won the hearts of more than 400 thousand people from all over the world. Let's find out more about his work, creativity and tattooing in general.

- Paulin, first of all, tell us a little about yourself. How did you start tattooing?

- I was born in South Korea and currently work in Seoul. It's been six or seven years since I started tattooing. I have always been interested in and involved in art.

I was fascinated by the fact that the designs that tattoo artists create are transferred to the skin of their clients and it remains with them forever.

Linework tattoo Korea France

Amazing oni line tattoo by Pauline

- Did you receive any special art education?

- I didn't get any special education. However, both of my parents were painters and their work was art related, so that seems to have helped me a lot. And, of course, I went to art college.

- Tell us how your style was formed? What features would you highlight in your work?

- After trying a lot of things, I began to like what I was able to draw, even somehow without realizing it, without changing or correcting the drawing in the process. And at some point I fell in love with the works of Gustav Klimt. I admired him and felt a lot of charm in such line drawings.

Oneline tattoo Seoul

One line portrait tattoo by Pauline

- What motivates you to create and what inspires you?

- The works of so many artists always inspire me insanely, as well as various music and emotions. Different situations, each story of my guests also gives me inspiration, so I think that my life and everyone around me are my inspiration.

- Do you find your tattoos more suited to a female audience?

- I don't want to separate men and women. It's just that there are people who like my tattoos. But in most cases, female guests pay more attention to them.

Linework Korea

Great tattoo by Pauline from Seoul 

- Now thousands of tattoo artists from other countries are trying to replicate the Korean style of miniature tattoo. What do you think is the secret of Korean tattoo success?

- The secret of the sleight of hand of the people of the Republic of Korea is that we think we are special. Most likely this is due to the fact that we are taught art from childhood. And I think I'm good at it.

Also in Korea, there is a trend towards small tattoos, and such tattoos are preferred even more often than a tattoo that will reflect the characteristics of our culture.

one line tattoo by Pauline from Korea

Single line tattoo by Pauline

- Tell us what you did before the tattoo? What possible career did you leave behind for tattoos?

- Separately, I did not work as a professional artist. At university, I majored in art, and there I began to study tattoos and earn a living by working part-time.

- Who are your clients? Are there many foreigners among your fans?

- Of course, I work in Korea, so there are many Koreans among my clients, but now there are more foreigners. Of course, I was affected by the period of COVID-19. They travel and come to see me, or come to Korea just to get a tattoo from me. Many thanks for their interest.

Tattoo By Pauline

Sensual tattoo by Pauline from Seoul

- I would like to know more about you, not only as an artist, but also as a person. What else do you do in everyday life besides tattoo art?

- Currently I only do tattoos. However, I am very interested in painting, films and music, so after I want to devote more time to artistic purposes, I plan to devote my time to this as well.

- Did you manage to travel the world before the Covid-19 pandemic? Where else have you been able to work?

- To date I have worked as a guest in Germany, USA, UK and Singapore and I am currently planning a schedule in France!

Do you have creative plans for the near future?

- I am preparing for an exhibition where my images will be used and preparing various products with my prints.