Biomechanical Tattoo Style

15 / 02 / 2021 iNKPPL Team
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The tattoo style of Biomechanics is based on the work of the famous Swiss artist, Hans Rudolf Giger, who became world-renowned for his iconic design work for the film "Alien". In the 1980s, tattoo artists drew inspiration from designs that combined the human body with various mechanical elements, and began creating tattoos in this style.

Работа художника Ханса Гигера

The meaning of Biomechanical tattoos

The meaning of Biomechanical tattoos is a representation of the global cyberization of humanity, which is manifested in all areas of human life and reflected in creative works, including science fiction stories and books about the adventures of mechanized heroes, movies about space travel, horror and cyberpunk films that depict possible negative scenarios of such human development, and of course, numerous computer games.

The design of Biomechanical tattoos is based on the combination of various mechanisms, microchips, pistons, and engines with the human body, transforming the latter into a cyborg. The classic design of a Biomechanical tattoo is a torn section of skin, revealing a hidden mechanism underneath.

тату в стиле Биомеханика

Detail and realism are important in Biomechanical tattoos. Only when it is impossible to tell from a short distance whether the tattoo is real or a mechanical device is the desired effect of the tattoo achieved.

Places for tattooing in the style of Biomechanics

There are no restrictions on the placement of tattoos in the style of Biomechanics. It can be a small image on the forearm, shoulder, or neck, or a large picture covering the entire back. Some people even showcase full-body Biomechanical tattoo suits.

Тату костюм в Биомеханике

Biomechanical tattoos are more common among men who aim to emphasize their masculinity. They do not have a specific meaning, but due to their stylistic features, they attract a lot of attention from others.

After the popularity of this tattoo style in the 80s and 90s, it was somewhat overshadowed by new tattoo trends. However, even now, Biomechanics maintains its colorful status and has a multi-million strong fan base worldwide.

Additionally, this style has found its continuation in another similar style called Bioorganic.

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