Engraving Tattoo Style

02 / 06 / 2021 Anton Yarovoy
Engraving tattoo / Source: @marcocmatarese

Engraving History

Engraving is a form of transferring a drawing onto a solid material such as wood, iron, and others. Classic engraving is characterized by black color, clear lines, contours, and the ability to convey any volume through hatching. This art form appeared in the 6th century AD, and at that time, the images were very primitive. With the development of culture and mechanical tools, engraving plots and forms began to gradually become more complex. Modern engraving is an extremely complex form of art that requires the highest mastery of the artist.

Engraving in Tattooing

In tattooing, it is almost the same. Engraving tattoos are performed exclusively in black ink, without dense shading, and the volume is also conveyed through hatching, as in graphics. The engraving style in tattooing is essentially just a subgenre of Graphics, and its distinguishing basis lies in the plot component of the work. Engraving tattoos are very attractive, enticing with their simplicity and conciseness. Engraving tattoos blend perfectly with any monochromatic style.

гравюрная татуировка
Engraving Tattoo by @willpacheco1988

Plots of Engraving Tattoos

Engraving tattoos are characterized by plots from old historical books about the Middle Ages, various old botanical reference books, engravings of various mythical or fairy-tale creatures, plots of popular folklore scenes, and much more. Modern tattoo artists have expanded the plots of tattoos and depict almost any image from our reality in them, even more closely echoing this style with Graphics.

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