Patch tattoo - 25 the Best Tattoo Artists

20 / 05 / 2023 Anton Yarovoy
Patch tattoo - 25 the Best Tattoo Artists
Patch tattoo - Duda Lozano

It has been four years since our first publication on the emerging patch tattoo style, also known as embroidery tattoo.

In these years, this individual style, pioneered by Brazilian tattoo artist Duda Lozano, has developed into a full-fledged movement, uniting hundreds of tattoo artists worldwide. We have endeavored to find and gather together tattoo artists who have incorporated this style into their daily work and become contributors to this trend.

Duda Lozano (Brazil, São Paulo)

Patch tattoos - Duda Lozano

Terioshi Otto (Germany, Dortmund)

Patch tattoos - Terioshi Otto

Vinícius Moschen (Brazil)

Patch tattoos - Vinícius Moschen

Kath Altamirano (Mexico, México)

Patch tattoos - Kath Altamirano

muslubash (Германия, Берлин)

Patch tattoos - muslubash

Alicia Casale (Mexico, México)

Patch tattoos - Alicia Casale (Chili, Las Condes)

Patch tattoos -

vskywalkers (USA, Philadelphia)

Patch tattoos - vskywalkers

Lucas Tossan (Brazil, São Paulo)

Patch tattoos - Lucas Tossan

Caio Bottura (USA, Kissimmee)

Patch tattoos - Caio Bottura

Guido de Medici (Brazil, São Paulo)

Patch tattoos - Guido de Medici

Rich McCann (United Kingdom)

Patch tattoos - Rich McCann

Gyeong (Canada, Toronto)

Patch tattoos - Gyeong

Salvatore Ariemma (Italy, Casoria)

Patch tattoos - Salvatore Ariemma

sirbatattoo (Brazil, Curitiba)

Patch tattoos - sirbatattoo

facchtattoogeek (Brazil, São Paulo)

Patch tattoos - facchtattoogeek

Matheus Realle (Brazil, Londrina)

Patch tattoos - Matheus Realle

Justin Stiles (Canada, Hamilton)

Patch tattoos - Justin Stiles

amirmeir1 (Israel, Tel Aviv - Jaffa)

Patch tattoos - amirmeir1

David Jay Kai (United Kingdom, Musselburgh)

Patch tattoos - David Jay Kai

cheyenne.tattoos (USA, Chicago)

Patch tattoos - cheyenne.tattoos

da_ve_tattoo (Mexico, México)

Patch tattoos - da_ve_tattoo

Phil Denby (United Kingdom, Gorleston-On-Sea)

Patch tattoos - Phil Denby (Costa Rica)

Patch tattoos -

tatuajes_bordados (Mexico, México)

Patch tattoos - tatuajes_bordados

Do you know any other great tattoo artists working in this style? Write about your discoveries in the comments, and we will definitely expand our list.

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