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КРАСКА Tattoo Ink - Russian professional tattoo inks

11 / 08 / 2019 Andrew Novikov
КРАСКА Tattoo Ink / Photo: http://www.kraskatattooink.com

Today, almost all the masters of the Russian tattoo scene know the brand КРАСКА Tattoo Ink. Someone is already actively using it in their work, some are still asking questions: Is the production really located in Moscow, Russia? What components are used in the production of inks? And what are the advantages of this product in comparison with other well-known brands?

Having talked with the owners of the company, in this article we will try to answer all these questions and tell in detail about what the КРАСКА Tattoo Ink is.

КРАСКА Tattoo Ink - Russian professional tattoo inks

How it all began?

The company appeared on the market of the tattoo industry in 2016, for the first time presenting they products to an audience at the 8th Moscow International Tattoo Convention in Sokolniki. At this point, the tattoo-ink industry was entirely occupied by major international brands. That is why it was important for the owners of КРАСКА to enter the market with a product which will be superior to its Western counterparts.

КРАСКА Tattoo Ink - Russian professional tattoo inks КРАСКА Tattoo Ink - Russian professional tattoo inks

This event was preceded by many years of research. The development of the КРАСКА Tattoo Ink began from the usual desire to understand the composition of modern tattoo inks, the technical features of production and the needs of the immediate target audience - tattoo artists.

The collection of primary information that made it possible to understand the basics of inks production began, of course, from open sources on the Internet and the study of technical documentation of Western colleagues. After the formation of the primary knowledge base, the time for experiments began.

Production and safety

With the beginning of the technical, industrial era of the company, was involved in the work one of the most experienced Russian chemists-technologists, who devoted almost his whole life to working in chemical industries, as well as professional dermatologists and more than 15 famous tattoo artists.

There were studied samples of all Western tattoo inks, analysed the available raw materials for production, and considerable financial investments were required in the purchase of high-tech equipment and the establishment of a production line.

The analysis showed that, unfortunately, the Russian industry cannot provide the raw materials of the necessary purity and quality that are required for the production of tattoo inks. That is why components used in the КРАСКА are purchased only outside of Russia.

«In Russia, we don't have nothing like what we need in produce. There is a production of coloring pigments, but this can be used to produce paint, which is then can use in the garage - no more. We use products from leading manufacturers. For example, among our partners there is a well-known German chemical giant BASF. We refused immediately from the choice of raw materials on the basis of low cost.

All the components of which the КРАСКА is made are harmless! This is what is used in cosmetics and in the food industry every day. The full composition of the КРАСКА is indicated on the label. However, until now we are have the situations when one of the insufficiently informed people, having noticed oxide or titanium in the list of ingredients, starts to sound the alarm about the danger to health.»
- says Evgeny Shmytkov - the owner of the КРАСКА Tattoo Ink.
КРАСКА Tattoo Ink - Russian professional tattoo inks

In fact, there are a huge number of official government documents that regulate the entire production of Russian industry, as well as imported products from abroad. These documents clearly state: what requirements apply to the ingredients of a product, and shows what is safe and what is not.

Despite the general misconception, in Russia there are also standards for the use of chemical components in the country, including in production for the tattoo industry. This is a huge list of what can be imported and produced, and an even larger list of what cannot.

If the product’s label indicates that the product complies with the Technical Specification (TU), this means that the manufacturer, under the law liability, guarantees that his product complies with the safety standards established for it by state authorities.

КРАСКА Tattoo Ink - Russian professional tattoo inks
«The КРАСКА consists of pigments, spirit, glycerin and additional modifiers - each of these substances is a hostile environment for any bacteria and viruses. Thanks to this, we found the opportunity to do it without unnecessary preservatives and to be sure of the microbiological purity of the КРАСКА. All this has already been confirmed by laboratory tests, and the information is publicly available.

It also needs to notice that most tattoo inks in the world are prepared using resin or rosin, which in itself complicates storage and forces manufacturers to add preservatives and stabilizers.

Thanks to our copolymer formulation, the КРАСКА is devoid of many disadvantages of “resinous” inks - it does not fade, does not dry out, does not fall at the bottom of the can and easily shakes before a session.

Under current law of Russia, we are not required to provide any certificates to anyone! However, now we are posting in the public domain a certificate obtained in the laboratory of RosTest, where we certified our finished products. This paper guarantees both compliance and safety of the КРАСКА.

Also, solely for our customers, on our own initiative we are now doing radiation sterilization. We agreed on this with one of the Moscow laboratories and we carry the entire КРАСКА inks to them. But to be honest, we are sterilizing already sterile products.»
- says Evgeny..

It should be noted separately that the ingredients used for the production of pigments are 100% synthetic, without components of animal origin, which means the product is fully suitable for vegans.

For foreign consumers the КРАСКА Tattoo Ink realized under the second name - TINCTA Tattoo Ink. But this is all the same product.

КРАСКА Tattoo Ink - Russian professional tattoo inks КРАСКА Tattoo Ink - Russian professional tattoo inks КРАСКА Tattoo Ink - Russian professional tattoo inks

What are the other benefits of the КРАСКА?

The first thing that sets the КРАСКА apart from other manufacturers is of course the price.

Thanks to the competent policy of the company, the КРАСКА really differs by a more favorable price in comparison with others competitors.

The second is a wide, constantly replenished palette of colors, suitable for all styles and directions of modern tattooing.

КРАСКА Tattoo Ink - Russian professional tattoo inks

The КРАСКА was originally conceived by the creators as a finished product. That is why manufacturers do not recommend diluting or thickening pigments. Despite this, it remains compatible with all modern coloring pigments. This means that to get the desired shade, you can mix the КРАСКА with inks from other manufacturers.

ProTeam of the КРАСКА Tattoo Ink now has more than 40 tattoo artists, real professionals working in all styles and directions of the tattoo widely known both in Russia and abroad. That is why it is safe to say that the КРАСКА Tattoo Ink has firmly taken its position in the global tattoo industry.

Text Andrew Novikov