22 tattoos of 2021 that you love the most!

31 / 12 / 2021 Andrey Novikov
22 tattoos of 2021 that you love the most!

Traditionally, we summarize the results of 2021 with a selection of tattoos that our subscribers and readers liked the most! Of course, everyone has their own personal top, but nevertheless, the audience paid the most attention to these bright, unusual, or simply well-done works. Meet 22 tattoos and their talented creators who have collected the most likes, comments and reposts of yours!

Happy New Year to all of you!

1. Waler Montero

Waler Montero amazed our subscribers with his stunning sleeve, gaining more than 103 thousand views, 9500 likes and 90 comments!

waler-montero tattoo

2. Daniele Illcane 

Daniele Illcane and his adorable tattoo, reminiscent of a broken soul, did not leave our audience indifferent and collected more than 8500 thousand likes!

Daniele Illcane  tattoo

3. Luke Cormier

Luke Cormier, who is famous for his sticker tattoos, has shot a stunning tattoo video of Louise Belcher from the animated series Bob's Diner and has received almost 100,000 views on our Instagram page.


4. El Cuero Miller 

In fourth place in terms of the number of your reactions was EL CUERO MILLER with a cool cover up of an old face tattoo. Of course, such work could not go unnoticed!

El Cuero Miller face tattoo

5. Squid Game tattoos  

The fifth place was taken by a selection of the very first tattoos based on the most sensational series of 2021 from Netflix - Squid Game. Among the audience, such tattoos caused mixed reactions, but still caused! And, as it seems to us, this is the main thing.

anderson patrocino tattoo Squid Game tattoos  

6. Liza Mogilkina

In sixth place in terms of the number of reactions from our readers, was very provocative (as it may seem to many), but such an original and bold black tattoo on the chest by Liza Mogilkina from Irkutsk.

Liza Mogilkina

7. Rodrigo Catuaba

Rodrigo Catuaba from Brazil does a very useful and delicate job, giving women happiness and the opportunity to love their bodies. Tattoo for visual restoration of nipples after breast cancer caused a storm of emotions, delight and gratitude among our subscribers.

Rodrigo Catuaba

8. Jehoo

A large-scale tattoo on the back from the Korean tattooer Jehoo and his stunningly beautiful model, of course, fascinated our subscribers, so they ended up in eighth place.

Jehoo tattoo

9. Kevin Marr

Blackwork, and especially on an attractive female body, always looks winning! This is the opinion of the majority of our subscribers, who appreciated the fantastic tattoo by Kevin Marr on the adorable Vietnamese model Thuy Linh Hoang Thi.

Kevin Marr tattoo

10. Dmitry Nosov

Oh, the works of this tattoo artist, as well as his mind-blowing models, seem to be created to conquer Instagram. Very powerful blackwork from Dmitry Nosov on the feminine forms of his models look stunning, for which they deserve the love of our audience.

Dmitry Nosov tattoo

11. Arseny Bozhinov

Arseny Bozhinov from Rostov on Don and his cool, naughty black old school tattoos first won our hearts, and then the hearts of our subscribers!

Arseny Bozhinov tattoos

12. Polina Ramona_ink

This work is on our personal top! Polina Ramona_ink, a talented tattoo artist and painter from Perm, who now works in Moscow, managed to beautifully and organically and most importantly in such an organic and original way decorate a woman's back and buttocks.

Polina Ramona_ink tattoo

13. Taku Oshima

Girls and tattoos, tattoos and girls - of course, it is impossible to tear yourself away from this! Snake black tattoo from Taku Oshima from Tokyo on a charming model, you must agree, is very eye-catching!

Taku Oshima tattoo

14. Arang Eleven

Arang Eleven is a famous tattoo artist from South Korea and her excellent black work on the legs did not leave indifferent both us and our audience.

Arang Eleven tattoo

15. Rinat Tatarin

Rinat Tatarin from the harsh Russian Siberia creates very expressive and vivid works. And this tattoo is no exception! Beautiful and accurate work on an attractive model - who doesn't love that?

Rinat Tatarin tatoo

16. Archie Bronson

Provocation and humor - sometimes this is so lacking in life! Thank the gods there are tattoo artists like Archie Bronson and clients who get such bold and cute tattoos at the same time.

Archie Bronson tattoo

17. Marine Perez

Marine Perez - we adore her unique and original style, and in our interview she told a little more about it. And how wonderful that our subscribers have the same taste and also appreciated the tattoo from Marine.

Marine Perez tattoo

18. Abii Tattoo

A cute and adorable tattoo from Korean painter and tattoo artist Abii on our instagram has received many positive reactions from the audience. And right now we have released an interview with her, which we hope you enjoy too.

Abii Tattoo tattoo

19. Vadim Neizvestnykh

Vadim Neizvestnykh and his recognizable style are difficult to confuse with someone else. Black and pink looks so impressive, which earned the attention of our subscribers.

Vadim Neizvestnykh tattoo

20. Lil Annie

Blackwork again! We know what our subscribers love, so we are looking for the best artists in this style. This work by Spanish tattoo artist Lil Annie was ranked 20th on the list of your most favorite tattoos of 2021.

Lil Annie tatoo

21. Helena Zolotykh

Helena from Poland, also known as Bobavhett, and the stunning wolf tattoo in an unusual place couldn't fail to attract the attention of our audience.

Helena Zolotykh tattoo

22. Yegor Nemshevich

Of the thousands of tattoos that we shared in 2021, our audience paid special attention to the stylish black sleeve in lettering from the talented tattoo artist from St. Petersburg Yegor Nemshevich!

Yegor Nemshevich

Of course, absolutely all the tattoos that we shared with you in 2021 deserve attention and admiration, and let's hope that next year we will meet even more talented and cool tattooers and painters who will blow up our way of thinking with their incredible creativity, hard work and creativity! See you in 2022!

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