Spirit Animals

Spirit Animals
Tattoos and skulls: @hola_holson / Photo: @pagan.poems / Makeup: @kasiaj85

Millions of tiny, glass beads, tens of glue tubes, hundreds of working hours, liters of tears, a ton of love and pounds of sorrow... all those elements are combined in works by artist @Hola_holson. Sometimes they are gypsum or concrete sculptures and sometimes real animal skulls. The skulls of beautiful animals, whose history is unknown to us, we can only imagine it and just reflect upon it.

Tattoo: @hola_holson Skulls: @hola_holson Photographs by: @pagan.poems Makeup: @kasiaj85

- Are the tattoos on the models of this project yours?

- Yes, i am an author of those tattoos. I like to work with ornamental i simetrical designs. Im inspired by South America art.

The patterns on my beaded works of art are mostly mandalas. Other patterns and colors are a tribute to my fascination with ethnic prints, mostly those of Africa and South America. I find the art of the Huichol Indians the most inspiring, when I create my skulls.

Tattoo: @hola_holson Skulls: @hola_holson Photographs by: @pagan.poems Makeup: @kasiaj85

- Why do you think people should know about your project? What do you want to tell people through your art?

- It is very important project for me, couse its all about anti specisim. I think, that lack of respect for animals, and violanting their basic rights its a huge problem in a modern world.

Tattoo: @hola_holson Skulls: @hola_holson Photographs by: @pagan.poems Makeup: @kasiaj85

- How are your tattoos and animal skulls connected in this project?

- The Indians living in Mexico believed that every human being shares its soul with an animal – a Spirit Animal. Depending on the ethnic group, these Animals had different names, but the underlying concept was universal: to guide their humans and create a unique bond with them. This project is somehow connected to those ancient beliefs but mostly to my own conviction, that when hurting others, we hurt ourselves.

Tattoo: @hola_holson Skulls: @hola_holson Photographs by: @pagan.poems Makeup: @kasiaj85

- How was created the collection of these skulls?

- None of those skulls has ever been or will ever be bought from a hunter, I don’t intend to support this sad business. I find them in the woods or get them from my friends, the skulls that have been found on grandma’s dusty attic. My intention is to give them a second chance, a second life, to devote months of work and a lot of emotions and respect to each of them. Every case is an interesting and melancholic journey for me.

Tattoo: @hola_holson Skulls: @hola_holson Photographs by: @pagan.poems Makeup: @kasiaj85

- Tell us about the exhibitions, where and when will they be held if the covid will allow you to open them?

- There was 5 exhibitions planned, on polish tattoo convents in 2020, due to covid, we have to pubilish it online instead. I hope we all gona back to normal soon.

Tattoo: @hola_holson Skulls: @hola_holson Photographs by: @pagan.poems Makeup: @kasiaj85 Tattoo: @hola_holson Skulls: @hola_holson Photographs by: @pagan.poems Makeup: @kasiaj85
Text Yaroslava Green

Photographer: Martyna Antczak

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