Paradise BYOB 2021

Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort
37 Corey Rd
Hancock, Massachusetts 01237
United States

If you are joining us for the first time, you will fall in love with Jiminy Peak. If you have been here before, you know why this is an event not to miss! Paradise has never been about packing people in and collecting the mad cash, this is a place to enjoy the environment, fresh air, and setting a mood that encourages inspiration and creativity. It’s one thing to take a seminar and have to wait to get home, and other to leave a panel inspired and have a painting waiting for you to attack! Book your rooms and condos asap as they are very limited! 


Paradise BYOB 2021

Bring your own brains, brushes, beats, bud, booze, or berries (for the vegans) & connect with like minded creatives at this unique resort. Simply inspiration, sharing, art creation, & community. This will be a long time coming for many of us. Or you can beam in, have your dose of Paradise your way.

Livestreams, seminars, panels, art rooms, collaborative projects, & having a grand old time networking.

$100 – 4 Day Stage Pass (seminars available for an additional fee)
$250 – for an artist space to set up in.

Free open-house Wednesday afternoon for all art collectors.

And yes, it’s a Sunday to Wednesday. This is no time to get normal.

To book rooms:
413-738-5500 Room Block “Tattoo” for BYOB discount. NOTE: No tattooing at this event.

What’s going on?

Art installations, seminars, live podcasting & networking events. Sunday to Wednesday. Why go back to normal?

Beaming in:

Guy Aitchison
On Monday at 9pm, Guy will open up his subscribers exercise to attending byob artists. Guy will beam in from Hyperspace studios directly to Paradise!

Bob Tyrrell
An honorary Masters in Black & Grey and yearly winner of the Best Tattoo Attitude award for last two decades. Drunk Critique Judge.

Thea Duskin
Thea will be teaching mixed media workshop, attendees will be encouraged to collect the materials list ahead of time, but not necessary. Drunk Critique Judge.

Reinventing the Tattoo
A room of collaborations, large, small, oils, acrylic, and digital. Sculpting? Opportunities for artists of all skill levels. Art jams, drawing groups, all your favorite RIT streamers!

Jake Meeks
Jake will be podcasting for his Fireside Tattoo Network and teaching a new 3 day workshop. Drunk Critique judge.

Digital madness from TattooNOW has led to the growth of hundreds of studios, and thousands of tattooer careers. Produces the BYOB and host, but not participant, of Drunk Critique.

Jesse Smith
Create some real characters from your imagination, or pick Jesse’s brain for one.

Marc from Needlejig
Recent Tattoo Evolution as seen through the Eyes of the Needles

Tony Urbanek
Building Tattoo Machines interviews and hands on workshops.

Tony Romel
Tattoo Society Magazine continues to sell a record number of magazines based on the high quality of the tattoos and artwork presented each month. Drunk Critique co-host.

Tattoo Collectors Podcast
Fawn Baker and Jordan Rookus host have been talking tattoos weekly for over 40 episodes in a row and counting!

Hablamos de Arte con Bruno
“Thanks so much for making these free resources available to us!”

The Apprenticeship Diaries
A Podcast about beginnings: How the tattoo artists (and professionals) we revere, got their start; What it took, what it takes, and where we find ourselves today! Hosted by Amy Nicholls & Rico Illiano

Haley Adams
Outer Space tattoos and drawing seminar with Haley Adams

Tent Talks with Rob
Tattoo history from the Milton Zeis Tent

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