United Airlines allows flight attendants to get tattoos

19 / 10 / 2021 Andrey Novikov
United Airlines allows flight attendants to get tattoos

United Airlines is an American airline, one of the largest in the United States and in the world, has introduced new standards of appearance for flight attendants and customer service representatives.

From September 1, 2021, United Airlines employees are allowed to work with tattoos, piercings, makeup and manicure, with the new rules applying to employees regardless of gender. The innovations will make it possible to more clearly express gender and individual style, according to the company.

A significant difference from the old company rules (which most airlines around the world still adhere to today) is that a flight attendant can also have a tattoo on a visible part of the body, such as an arm, neck or leg. This also applies to makeup - most of the carriers allow their employees only discreet, formal makeup and the absence of bright nail polish. Now, you can meet both stewardesses and stewards from the United Airlines with colored manicure and makeup.

«Our customer service team members can provide an even more comfortable experience for our customers by looking and feeling comfortable themselves,» said Keith Gebo, executive vice president of Human Resources and Labor at the airline.

The updated rules will first apply to flight attendants and customer service representatives, said in the United Airlines, and then extend to other working groups, including pilots and gangway staff. Workers not covered by the first phase of the revised guidelines were instructed to continue to adhere to the current dress code for the time being.

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