The original ideas of tattoos by the artist Rei from the large port city of Qingdao, in China, stand out from the general mass of miniature tattoos similar to each other. In her imagination, objects familiar to us are transformed, acquiring new forms, textures and, most importantly, new meanings.

Miniature tattoos by Rei from China

Of course, her work is distinguished by a high technical base, it's no secret that a realistic miniature is one of the most complex forms of tattooing. Chinese tattooist Rei works primarily with black and grey tattoos, however, with such just a few pigments, she can recreate the texture of metal, silver or gold, making her work look very realistic.

Choose for yourself which of the works of the talented Rei attract your attention the most.

Miniature tattoos by Rei from China
Miniature octopus tattoo by Rei from China

Black miniature tattoo Heart by Rei, China
Black miniature butterfly tattoo by Rei
Deer miniature tattoo by Rei, China
Egg black miniature tattoo by Rei
Ice miniature tattoo by Rei, China
Concept tattoo by Rei

Black tattoo by Chinese artist Rei
Concept tattoo by Rei