Сегодня мы хотим познакомить вас с работами тату-мастера, а точнее профессионального тату-художника, чьи работы поражают кристальной чистотой и реалистичностью. Знакомьтесь — Серго Акопян.

- Sergo, tell us about yourself, where are you from?

- I'm Sergo Akopian! I have been paining since early childhood, I have 12 years of art education. I studied at the S. Merkurov art school, then received a bachelor's degree at the State Academy of Arts of Armenia, and then graduated from the magistracy at the University of the Russian State Pedagogical University named after A.I. Herzen in St. Petersburg.

- How did you get started with tattooing?

-I began to tattoo in 2013, when I studied in St. Petersburg in the magistracy. At this time, a familiar St. Petersburg tattoo artist Dmitry Dubkov suggested that I make sketches for him, and later, learn to tattoo. He taught me basic techniques, gave me the first equipment, and, accordingly, I started tattooing. I prefer to work in realism, and on my own individual sketches in the expressionism style.

- How do you feel about the tattoo industry in Russia?

- In my opinion, tattooing in Russia is now at the highest level. Culture does not stand still, it develops. Our guys come up with new technologies: tattoo machines, inks and everything else. Russia is now in no way inferior to the West, but on the contrary, professional growth is visible - we have a lot of cool artists, and there are even better ones than anywhere else. Therefore, there is motivation to develop and show yourself, because the competition is great now. I think that it will only get better in the future, and we will switch to our domestic Russian equipment, and the tattoo culture in Russia will develop even faster.

- Do you have personal development plans in tattooing?

- In personal plans: to hone my skills as much as possible, to try to do my best in realism, to achieve a level of hyperrealism, and to come up with my own individual style.

- What brand of tattoo inks do you use most often?

- Now I am working with КРАСКА Tattoo Ink. I got acquainted with their pigments about 5 years ago, when I worked in Sochi. The first set I bought was “Black and gray”, because then I, first of all, worked in black and grey realism. First of all, I liked the way the ink cuts in, later, unexpectedly for me, I already saw how cool it heals. When a new product appears in our country, like many others, I am very skeptical about it. We think “Why?” If there is some foreign product. And after I tried their set, I realized that to some extent I like working with КРАСКА more.

After some time I moved to Moscow, started working in the Magnum studio, and received sponsorship from КРАСКА Tattoo Ink, and to this day I continue to work only with it. Now I do color work, and the color pigments are also very appealing to me. The colors that I need to work are very cool to draw and heal - this, in principle, is all that a tattoo artist needs.

- What would you like to wish for novice tattoo artists?

- My message as a tattoo artist is simple - I want to wish everyone to develop, not stand still, look for the quality of their work and the cleanliness of their workplace. Do cool work better and better every day!