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The best tattoo studios and tattoo shops of the world

Modern tattoo studio or tattoo shop - is primarily a safety for the health of the client during the process of tattooing, because each of them is equipped with the organizers of the most advanced equipment and consumables. Second - it is a place where everyone can get the most detailed answers to their questions before the start of the session, where everyone can personally get acquainted with its interesting artist. The third - a creative space for the tattoo artists, with the possibility of sharing experiences with colleagues.

In our catalog we present the best tattoo studio of the world on the version of iNKPPL Tattoo Magazine. To get a session in one of them, you may have to wait a few months or have a trip, but the tattoo - it is something that will stay with you on the rest of his life, and this is certainly one of the few things which haste is categorically contraindicated!

How to join the best tattoo studios on iNKPPL Tattoo Magazine?

If you are the organizer of a tattoo studio and want to get into our list - you can sign up in the open catalog of the tattoo studios and get access to the personal page where you can upload your portfolio and give all the necessary information.

The account can be moved from the open catalog to the list of the best by the decision of the editorial of the magazine.

The open catalog is moderated by the editorial staff of the magazine. In case of violations, the account may be deleted.

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