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The most famous tattoo artists

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Every day the iNKPPL's journalists are searching for artworks of tattoo artists from all over the world, from all of styles and techniques of modern tattooing.

We aim to show you the diversity of the tattoo as a phenomenon, the boundless imagination of the most talented contemporary artists and the top which can be reached by technique and skills in tattoo. We have united the best tattooists of the world - the brightest representatives of all areas and styles, from classic to conceptual!

The most of these tattoo artists have already received worldwide recognition, have got highest awards at the most prestigious international tattoo events, they have founded their own studios and work together with leading companies in the tattoo industry. Their services are expensive, and maybe you should go across the ocean to get a session. But, if you are a true tattoo lover and focused on quality and uniqueness rather than prices - you came to the right place!