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The best tattoo artists of the world

Every day the editors of iNKPPL Tattoo Magazine search works of tattoo artists from all over the world, regardless of their styles and directions.

We aim to show you the diversity of tattoo as a phenomenon, the boundless imagination of the most talented contemporary art representatives, and the height that can be reached in technique and human skills in performing tattoos. We have united the best tattooists in the world - the brightest representatives of all genres and styles, from classic to conceptual! The vast majority of the tattoo artists who are presented here have already received worldwide recognition, have got highest awards at prestigious international conventions, they have established their own studios and now work with leading companies in the tattoo industry. Their services are expensive, and yes, to book a session, you may have to cross the ocean. But, if you are a true tattoo lover, focused on quality and uniqueness rather than prices - you have come to the right place!

How to join the best tattoo artists on iNKPPL Tattoo Magazine?

If you are an established tattoo artist deserving to present your works on the international scene, and we (for some reason) have not yet added you to our list of the best artists – you can sign up in the open catalog of the tattoo artists and get access to the personal page where you can upload your works and give all the necessary information.

The account can be moved from the open catalog to the list of the best by the decision of the editorial of the magazine.

The open catalog is moderated by the editorial staff of the journal. In case of violations, the account may be deleted.

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