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The best tattoo models of the world

For many decades in the fashion environment, there is a stereotype that to build a successful career model on the podium boys and girls should refrain from tattooing.

Just 20 years ago, the model with tattoos were refused in collaboration with leading brands, but the public mood has changed.

At the present time, in parallel with the global development of the tattoo as an art there was growing demand for models with non-standard appearance. Society no longer limiting the possibilities of tattoo fans. More and more tattooed people can be found on the podium, on billboards, on covers of popular magazines. The Alternative Tattoo Model - is a new round of development of the fashion industry. The combination of the natural beauty of the human body with the works of art of professional tattoo artists. With each passing day, more and more bright, beautiful, brave young men and women aims to conquer the world of fashion.

How to join the best tattoo models on iNKPPL Tattoo Magazine?

If you possess all the qualities of alternative tattoo model and want to get into the list of the best on iNKPPL Tattoo Magazine - you can sign up in the open catalog of the tattoo models and get access to the personal page where you can upload your portfolio and give all the necessary information.

The account can be moved from the open catalog to the list of the best by the decision of the editorial of the magazine.

The open catalog is moderated by the editorial staff of the magazine. In case of violations, the account may be deleted.

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